Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Unleash the Aftermath

It has been nearly 2 months since the London Riots affected London like the plague. The scenes of anarchy, destruction and immorality were unbelievable. People’s lives were destroyed in all in a number of hours.

The chaos that overshadowed London, was a clear indication that the, youths, working classes, unemployed, employed, mothers, fathers, people......all types of people, were angry.

However the Media chose to show footage which clearly led to the assumption that most of the people involved within the riots were of Black African/ Black Caribbean ethnicity.  This only encouraged some people to label the riots as a ‘Black thing’:

"The whites have become black. A particular sort of violent destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion and black and white, boy and girl, operate in this language together.
"Its language which is wholly false, which is this Jamaican patois that has been intruded in England and that is why so many of us have this sense of literally a foreign country."
"It's not skin colour, it's cultural. Listen to [Tottenham's Labour MP] David Lammy, an archetypal successful black man. If you turn the screen off so that you are listening to him on radio you would think he was white." – David Starkey, Newsnight 13th August 2011.
The London Riots was an unfortunate effect of a cause, a cause which some may say is the effect of an Upper class, old school boy -Conservative Government.
In order to understand the extent in which communities were damaged by the riots, Golden Delilah and Fragments took the streets of Hackney, East London on Saturday 20th August 2011. Although the London Riots affected all walks of lives, we chose to shed light on the opinions of Black women, women who play a strong role in shaping the black youths of today but politically their opinions are hardly acknowledged. 

Please find below a link to Aftermath, a documentary of the after effects of the London Riots:

If you have any further enquiries/ comments please do not hesitate to contact us:

A Golden Delilah and Fragments.ie collaboration 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Aftermath - Project X

Hey Goldie’s!,

We hope you enjoyed the last weeks of August, dancing at the Notting Hill Carnival or perhaps soaking up the sun rays in a tropical country? Either way, we’re sure you have rested well over the summer, because the Autumn and Winter months are going to be busy!


British Theatre is at its best  right now, there are so many great theatres contributing brilliant plays to ensure that there is some light during the dark Autumn,  Winter months.  Of course Golden Delilah has been brightening up the stages and discovering London’s best kept secret stages for the past 3 years. So it is no surprise that we have been working away at the office on  TWO  projects  that are almost ready to unveil!

Aftermath: Golden Delilah in collaboration with Fragments Theatre will be presenting you with a documentary which expresses the aftermath of the London riots in Hackney. The London Riots affected all Londoners and was a shocking event, which caused a lot of Londoners to question their political views and their perception of young people.

The media chose to display footage which clearly lead to the assumption that majority of those involved in the riots, were of Black African and Black Caribbean heritage. An unfortunate fact or creative manipulation?
 Bearing this mind, Golden Delilah and Fragments Theatre took the streets of Hackney in search of the opinions of Hackney residents particularly residents of a black African/ Caribbean ethnicity, who were given the chance to have their voices heard.  As they play a strong role in the shaping the black youths of today.

 PROJECT X:  Golden Delilah will be hosting a series of forums that explores the identity of black women and the effect that social politics have on their lives, experiences and choices. The information collated from the forums will aid us in the development of our up and coming production Project X.  The next forum will be held on Thursday 6th October 2011. If you are interested in attending a Project X Forum, please see more details below:


More details of Project X and Aftermath will be posted on the GD blog within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open and your 
ears closely to the ground!

Golden Delilah. 


Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Aftermath

Golden Delilah and Fragments Theatre explored the aftermath of the recent London riots from Black women from the communities perspective on Sat 20 August, Dalston, Hackney.

 It was extremely inspirational and refreshing to hear London views, on recent events that have occured. 

So what was the reason for Golden Delilah and Fragments theatre taking to the streets of Dalston?

As always, Golden Delilah explores different opinions and truths about social political events. Being a theatre company, which focuses on issues that affect women, we are researching black women's opinions on the riots.

The media has chosen to display footage which clearly leads to the assumption that majority of those involved, were of Black African and Black Caribbean heritage. An unfortunate fact or creative manipulation?

Golden Delilah and Fragments Theatre are currently producing a production which will hopefully shed some light on the above through the opinions of black women, women who play a strong role in shaping the black youths of today but have very little power politically! 
Keep an eye on this blog, as more news to follow.

A Golden Delilah and Fragments collaboration.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tierra Firme - Social Political Theatre.


Golden Delilah was recently sent an email from our friend Yuri Pirondi, who has embarked on a new adventure to document the injustice in the South American countries. Yuri is in a team of Independent Documentary Film makers who are passionate about the power of film and theatre to inspire, move, educate and initiating positive social change. Yes, there are still people who would like to change the world... gently of course!

 Like Africa, Latin America is a continent that has been tussled and torn by political unrest, poverty, lack of education and violence.  Social Political Theatre plays an extremely important role in healing wounds, allowing people's voices to be heard, and in initiating a positive social change.  It is an incredibly effective tool to educate and initiate life-changing shifts in the consciousness and lives of the people involved.

As a theatre company we can not even begin to describe how powerful theatre can be particularly within countries whose futures are not clear. Theatre is a tool to allow one, to describe and express a world in which they would like to live in or a world they are trying to escape.

Please have a look at the website links below:

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends........

Here at GD headquarters, we are always happy to share new and exciting opportunities from past performs of GD.

Jennifer Aries (Golden Delilah: Under Her Skin - 2009, Mother Told Me- 2011) will be featuring in a new comedy, brought to you by our friends:

DAUGHTERS ON THE STAGE present The Linzee Way, a hilarious new comedy show!

“It changed my life” Nick Knowles, DIY SOS

“Rainy days always got me down, until I discovered The Linzee Way” Sian Lloyd, ITV Weather
“Coming out of the cupboard was so much easier The Linzee Way” Simon J Grant, CBBC
“My way is Linzee’s Way” Matthew Rhys, Brothers & Sisters

Linzee is the guru you will want to follow.
You’ll want to change your life.

You’ll want to change your way.
You’ll definitely want to change your pants.


Find out how by visiting the Hen & Chickens Theatre:

109 St Paul’s Road, Highbury, London, N1 2NA at 7.30pm from May 24th to 28th (Doors open at 7pm
Nearest tube/ overground: Highbury & Islington - 2 min walk
Tickets are £10

To book tickets visit: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/Linzee-Way-tickets/artist/1106937

Video testimonials from Nick Knowles & DIY SOS team, Sian Lloyd, Matthew Rhys and Simon J Grant at: http://www.youtube.com/user/bdalterio?feature=mhum

The Linzee Way is directed by Lisa Palfrey and performed by Jennifer Aries, Kezia Burrows, Hannah Daniel, Barbara D’Alterio, Hannah Isherwood, Rosie Okae and Rhydian Jones. For more information on the show and company visit: www.daughtersonthestage.co.uk

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Exciting Opportunity - That's what Friends are there for..

Our trusty Friends of Fragments are offering enthusiastic talent individuals the chance to access their brains.........

Fragments International Ensemble are opening their doors to NEW ACTORS for an intensive ENSEMBLE WORKSHOP on SAT 4th and SUN 5 JUNE, Covent Garden, London.

This day long workshop is open to professional actors who are interested in developing a relationship with Fragments and will be led by artistic directorShane Dempsey and associate director Jess Farley . They will explore the key elements of Fragments training and our unique approach to developing a physical language in theatre. 

If your interested please send an up to date CV and Cover Letter (500 words MAX)  to WORK@FRAGMENTS.iE and state which day you would like to attend. There is a £20 participation fee for the workshop.

FRAGMENTS.IE is an International Ensemble of theatre and Film practitioners, headed by the artistic director Shane Dempsey with Tom Flannery (Film) and Hannah Burke (New Writing). Our projects tour both nationally and internationally, with the company being based in Ireland and London.  Shane Dempsey has strong International Connections and has observed Lev Dodin (Maly Theatre) in Paris and was granted an Artists Bursary 2009 to travel to Russia to research The Master and Margarita, He was recipient of  The Arts Council (Ireland) Travel & Training Award 2005 & 2006. In 2009 he was accepted to The Next Stage, a  prestigious training course run by The Abbey and Dublin International Theatre Festival.

'Bold beautiful and moving, this talented company create theatre that awakens the senses and explodes into the space.'
Lisa Spirling, former programming director, Olivier Award Winning Theatre 503

As for Golden Delilah........still working on what the next project is going to be, so keep your ears close to the ground and your eyes open!

Thursday, 14 April 2011


The relationship of theatre and TV has always been very turbulent. As it stands now, without one the other could not exist. As the iPod generation, we are evolving, slowly becoming computers trapped in the bodies of humans. Everything is online: Grocery shopping - online, yellow pages – online, banking- online, TV – online, Theatre- online. Yes it is true, that many of the big fishes such as the National Theatre have produce live theatre and used the online medium as way to touch the souls of all boys and girls in the world. A brilliant idea – YES OF COURSE, however the lines seem to be getting fuzzy. We as audience members are immersed in this cyber world, have we now become immune, to real drama, raw drama, drama that you pay a ticket for and watch in a theatre, in the round, in the thrust, end on?

The Golden Delilah Team, have pondered on this dilemma for a while now, and to be honest this issue in some way has also contributed to the fact that we only produce short plays. Why? Well people are so engrossed with a TV/ Online way of entertainment, the attention span is slowly disintegrating .....and it is now becoming a great challenge for theatre makers to engage an audience, plus with no funding to pull out the big guns.....we need to think bright, cheap and spectacular!

We have often used Youtube as a way of advertising shows and tempting a new audience, to be a part of the Golden experience just for one night. However this form of advertisement has only interested a variation of people but on the day of our shows, it was the usual theatre types that turned up. So how can we tap into the IPod generation, shake them out of their online zone. Well if you can’t beat them join them?

The Golden Delilah team is currently conducting research; we are still looking for ideas for our winter production. We would like to create a production which requires online activity as well as theatre activity – So without one the other can not exsist. We need to be stimulated, and as we make theatre for the people, we want to hear from the people!

If you have one word, a phrase, a picture, a video anything that you want to get off your chest, rave about than send it our way! It can be absolutely anything....don’t be shy! Stimulate our Golden Rays!

Send all snippets (word, phrase, pictures, whatever you like) to


Put in the subject heading: Youtube killed the Theatre star.

Inspirations is just around the corner - please see some great notices from our friends:

Golden Delilah’s Associate Director and Fragments Artistic Director: Shane Dempsey, is seeking the best, brightest and boldest actors that 2011 has to offer. Shane, will be hosting an intensive day long workshop for professional actors looking to take a risk and rise to a challenge.

Shane Dempsey: Artistic Director of FRAGMENTS.IE, an International Ensemble of theatre & video artists. Shane's production of The Bay toured extensively in 2009. He is currently preparing to stage a new adaptation by Hannah Burke of Mikhail Bulgakov’s ‘The Master & Margarita’. He has strong Russian connections and was invited to observe rehearsals by Lev Dodine of The Maly Theatre. He has also worked as an assistant director at Soho Theatre and The Tricycle.

and some more notices.....

Custom/Practice Classical Acting Workshop 26th & 27th April 2011

Following the success of the classical acting workshops 2009-10 (described as "an historic achievement" by Jatinder Verma, Artistic Director of Tara Arts), Custom/Practice is pleased to announce details of our forthcoming workshop at English Touring Theatre (London, SE1) in April 2011. Led by Custom/Practice directors Rae McKen and Suba Das, the workshop will allow participants to explore Shakespeare monologues and duologues and classical performance auditioning and rehearsal techniques. Rae and Suba will be joined by guest practitioner, actress Rakie Ayola.

The programme will run 10am to 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 26th & 27th April. A maximum of 15 places will be offered. The fee for the programme is £80.

Actors interested in taking part should apply to Custom/Practice by sending their CV and a short written statement outlining their reasons for wishing to take part in the course to custompractice@gmail.com by Monday 19th April. We will email you after this date to let you know if you are successful in your application. 

That’s all folks!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Spring is in the air, and the clocks will soon go forward and it is nearly that time for a good old Spring cleaning. Having finished Mother Told Me in February, we are now looking/ planning/ thinking of the next Golden Delilah Show. As always the plays we produce must have a female character as the central character. We haven't yet decided, as to whether we should push our boundaries and produce a full length play....but at the moment anything is possible! Whilst we at this stage of planning, we need your help. Essentially Golden Delilah is here to make work which encourages all walks of live to have interest in theatre. 

If you have any ideas, or anything that you need to get off your chest in regards to theatre, please do not hesitate to let us know:


Also we would like to ask you to help Japan:

A massive earthquake, the seventh largest recorded in history, struck the east coast of Japan on Friday 11 March.
The earthquake, measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale, triggered a tsunami which hit the east coast of Japan with 7-metre-high waves, leaving a trail of destruction.

More than 2,000 people have died in the disaster and some 2,000 are injured. The number of confirmed dead is expected to rise to around 10,000. The earthquake triggered fires and caused severe damage to buildings, leaving 1.2 million homes without electricity and 1.4 million without water.

In order for Japan to rebuild......we need to come together, all of us!

Please make a donation!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mother Told Me - Photo Updates:

It has nearly been a month since Golden Delilah took the Poetry Cafe Stage and presented you with a dose of Mother Told Me. Having sold out in just 20 MINUTES, it was a great success........and if you were not there, well have a butcherwww.flickr.com/goldendelilah

Since Mother Told Me, the GD team are back to researching for the next production. As always we aim to bring a sunny forecast of golden rays your way. However we ask for your patience and also for your thoughts. If you would like to get something off your chest with the prospect of having it presented on stage, why don’t you drop us an email: goldendelilah@hotmail.co.uk or tweet us @goldendelilah.

Don’t keep everything bottle up inside, explode like a fizzy tango.......get emailing, tweeting and facebooking.

As always

go on continue to stalk us, follow us and be nosey, you have more to gain than to lose.............





We are also on Ideas Tap!

GOLDENdelilah celebrating new writing dedicated to female roles, through work that reflects the real nature of the society we live in and offers real artistic opportunities to new writers.

Sunday, 30 January 2011



Thank you to all of you who attended Mother Told Me at the Poetry Cafe on Thursday 27th January! 

It was a great success! Sold out within 20 minutes! Brilliant! 

Please stay in tuned, as we will be uploading photographs on the Golden Delilah blog and the GD Flickr page.

Also, please feel free to send suggestions for our next show, which we hope to produce in Summer/ Autumn, so get sending!

Send suggestions to: goldendelilah@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you!

Monday, 10 January 2011

My Mother Told Me that I was Golden!

We're back from winter hibernation with a juicy, intimate show to offer you. Unfortunately it is just for one night, but one night of bliss is worth the trouble especially one night that will ward away any January blues!

So we shall pick up, from where we left off.......

After the success of our Summer 2010 production; 7:1 Beyond Control, which featured work by award winning writers such as Joel Horwood and Zoe Simon. This season we bring you three short plays from New York, Ireland and England. We challenged 3 writers: Bianca Sams, Hannah Burke and Terri-Ann Brumby to write a short play exploring mother and daughter relationships.

Mother Told Me....., unveils three gripping tales which reflect the valuable/invaluable advice of which a mother can give to their daughter, but what each tale portrays, is a story which questions the nature of loyalty, sanity and the explorations of love.


Hannah Burke: Hannah is pleased to present her third new piece for Golden Delilah. Last years contribution 'ERRIS' is now playing at the Black Box Theatre in Belfast. Hannah's work for 2010 includes an adaptation of Bulgakov's 'Master & Margarita' Edinburgh Festival & NO DOGS, The White Bear Theatre, London for FRAGMENTS and The Snow Queen & Ugly Roger for Stage Craft, Ireland. She has has just been commissioned to write a new play for East 15 Acting School based on the Berlin Wall.

Terri-Ann Brumby: Terri is an actress working in TV, Film and Theatre. In 2008 she was a winner of Sharps- BBC TV Drama Initiative. Her stage play The Benefit of Time has had successful runs in the NW and London and had just been commissioned by BBC Radio Drama. She is on the writing team at LA Productions (TV)

Bianca Sams: Bianca Sams is an Actor/Writer/Producer based in New York City. She is a graduate of New York University's Tisch School, where she earned the distinction of being Tisch's first ever Triple Major (Acting, Dramatic Writing, Africana Studies). She was a Simi-finalist in Mont Blanc's writers program, and a finalist for the Crucial Films short film competition. Her written pieces have been read at Joseph Papp Public Theater, Karamu House, Old Vic Theater London and Cleveland Public Theater.

Golden Delilah presents Mother Told Me.....

Venue: Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton St, Covent Garden, City of London,WC2H 9BX

Transport: Tube: Covent Garden/ Holborn

Date: Thursday 27th January 2011

Time: 8pm

Duration: Approx 1 hour

Tickets: £6 on the door (cash only) - Come early to avoid dissapointment.

Tel: 020 7420 9888

See you there, oh and just in case you have any doubts:

Comments referring to Golden Delilah productions from 2009 -2010

An intriguing and involving evening with three pieces of polished writing delivered with conviction and aplomb. Well-chosen and well-acted, you were convinced of the potential of each writer and were left wishing to see more!

Sofie Mason, Director, OffWestEnd.com
Under Her Skin, 2009,  Hackney Empire.

I just saw Beyond Control at 503 tonight and thought it was excellent. Golden Delilah curated a really brilliant set of writers and a fantastic group of actors. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the evening.

Kate Budgen, Associate Director, Pentabus Theatre Company
 7:1 Beyond Control, 2010, Theatre 503.

 an exceptionally high standard of new writing

Lisa Cagnacci, Associate Artist, Southwark Playhouse
7:1 Beyond Control, 2010, Theatre 503

Golden Delilah