Sunday, 31 January 2010

Age is nothing but a number?

I think it is quite funny how society is obsessed with age.
There was a time (or there still is a time) when society was obsessed with peoples race, culture, religion or sexual orientation. Age is now the new taboo! People can not grasp the fact that yes, there are a lot of young people out there that do of course enjoy the odd drink here and there, like to go out clubbing but also spend a whole lot of time trying to develop their careers.

 It makes me laugh the reactions people have when they realize I run Golden Delilah.
Theatre Manager: Hello, thank you for meeting with me.
Golden Delilah:  No it's my pleasure. I would like to discuss with you the possibility of hosting Golden Delilah's latest season at *********** Theatre.

 Theatre Manager: Thats great. I managed to read your proposal and information pack, and I think your onto a good thing.

 GD: Thanks, so as you know..........

Theatre manager interrupts 

TM: How old are you?

 GD: um....... (thinking......where is this going? what does that have to do with my 'artistic vision')
GD: Under 25 

TM: Patronising tone: I think what your doing is great! I mean after all your a black girl from south London under 25, most people like you are stuck in council flats, having babies whilst your boyfriend managed to get banged up in prison. SO WELL DONE YOU! ( theatre manager pats GD on the back) It is so great that you want to open up theatre to the working classes, we do like this idea because we get x amount of money from the government. So what are the plays you produce like?

GD: well......

 interruption again

TM: The gun crime in south London.........Nigerian traditions ......or the easy living in Jamacia ( obviously when it comes to the Caribbean and Africa ;Jamaica and Nigeria are the only countries of these continents!)

GD : thinking - what the........
Okay, so I may of exaggerated the scenario a little, but the essence is there. Don't get me wrong, I am very supportive of theatres that understand that there is a large potential audience within the 'urban' community. However the way they approach this subject matter can at times be very naiive, patronising and just a little bit, well ignorant.

 How can someone from a rural, upper class background believe that they can educate me in what it is to be a young person living within a working class 'urban' south London?

 Whenever I am confronted with situations like this there are two things I can do:

 1. Scream and tear my hair out, shout abuse and slap sense into these people.

2. Calmly understand their ignorance and try to re-educate them.
I always go with the latter!

All I am saying is that we should be focusing on someone's talent rather than their age.
I mean their are different ways to look at this issue....... 

I always think of the relationship between Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson. Yes she happens to be forty-something and he is in his twenties actually still in teens. To be honest when I first heard about this relationship I did think, 'cradle snatcher, why the hell would this sexy man go out with an old granny.'
But who am I to say this, how could I complain about the fact that people always try to define me by age, if I am ready to do the same to some one else.
I don't know Sam Taylor-Wood or Aaron Johnson, but I imagine that they both see something within each other that other people can't.

So who the hell cares that she is old enough to be his mum, yes, age is nothing but a number, it's the person that matters.

For further reading: Under (DE) Construction, Perspectives on Cultural Diversity in Visual and Performing Arts.

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Invitation.

Hello ALL!

I would like to open up the opportunity to attend the development reading of Golden Delilah's new spring production; 7:1 Beyond Control (more details below). Having sent all 7 plays out to a reading panel which consisted of Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers and people who are not apart of the industry and collated feedback. The writers have gained an insight into how an audience may percieve their work and how they can further develop their piece.

We are now at the stage of a development reading. We need your opinions and suggestions to get us to the next stage. We currently can only offer 10 places as spaces are limited if you fancy coming along and putting in your tupence worth please contact us on the email address at the end of the message and we will inform you of the venue.

The dates and times of the reading on 13th February is as follows:

Date: Saturday 13th February 2010

Times: 2pm - 5pm

At this stage we would just like industry people (Actors, Directors, Writers etc) to attend. We feel that it is important in these early stages to have an audience that understands the process of developing a play and the specific details required to do so.

What is 7:1 Beyond Control

In October 2009 Golden Delilah had a very successful week run at the Hackney Empire with our Autumn production Under Her Skin. Under Her Skin was a collection of three provocative plays by Zoe Simon, Hannah Burke and Alexander Williams which concentrated on female characters across the social spectrum and how they were effected by loneliness, dependency and alienation within London. Under Her Skin was performed in the Marie Lloyd Bar -Hackney Empire, 19th October- 24th October 2009.

Golden Delilah has now commissioned 7 writers for our Spring season 7:1 Beyond Control. 7:1 Beyond Control is a collection of 7 short plays (10 mins each) by new writers focusing on *Saligia and it's effects on the human nature. In this new decade, many issues concerning our moral values and how they effect our, family, social and work relationships have been exposed. As the new decade offers us the opportunity to reflect on the last decade as well as offering us the chance to form fresh perspectives, 7:1 Beyond Control revises the Seven Deadly Sins in relation to living in the 21st century.

7:1 Beyond Control revises the Seven Deadly Sins in relation to the 21st Century.

- Pride


- Lust



- Envy

- Greed

The Writers

Gluttony: Joel Horwood: Joel is a member of the Royal Court/BBC 'The 50' scheme and took part in The Old Vic New Voices 24 Hour Plays in November 2006. He is currently Nabokov's playwright-in-residence. His plays include: I Caught Crabs in Walberswick (Hightide Festival), The Count of Monte Cristo (West Yorkshire Playhouse), Is Everyone Okay (nabokov), Stoopud Fucken Animals (Traverse), Food (Traverse) and Mikey the Pikey (Edinburgh Festival Fringe).

Envy: Graham Dickson : Graham Dickson is a young actor and writer based in East London. In early 2009 he was named the winner of Soho Theatre's Westminster Prize for short playwriting with his first play, 'Divine'. He has just finished writing his first full-length play, 'Buttons', which he hopes to bring to the stage in 2010. Graham also co-wrote a short film, 'Duty', which earned honourable mention last year in the 'Three Graces' film competition hosted by TANK magazine and Swarovski, and he is about to start work co-scripting an upcoming feature film from writer-director Nicholas Winter.

Pride: Gbolahan Obisesan: A writer and director who has described as ‘personifying the future of Contemporary British Theatre’ He is the Bulldog Princep Directors Bursary Recipient 2008 - 2009 at the National Theatre Studio and the recipient of the 2009 Jerwood Directors Award at the Young Vic.

Sloth: John Gordon: An Afrocentric white male writer resident in Shepherds Bush, London, England.

Gordon script-edited two seasons of Patrik-Ian Polk's television show Noah's Arc (2005-6) for the US cable channel Logo. He wrote two episodes of the second season, and across 2007 co-storylined (with Polk and Q. Allan Brocka) the spin-off feature-film, subsequently co-writing the screenplay with Polk. The film, Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom, was given a limited release in six American cities, where it played to sold-out houses at the end of October 2008 and recouped $500,000 in ticket sales alone. In January 2009 the Jumping The Broom script that Gordon and Polk wrote was nominated for an NAACP Image Award, as was the film itself in the Best Independent Feature category. In April 2009 the film won the GLAAD Best (limited release) Feature Film.His 10-minute short film Souljah - about a gay African former child soldier (B3/Angelica Entertainments 2007), and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair is currently doing the rounds of film festivals, having premiered at the London Film Festival on 30 October 2007. July 2008 Souljah won the award for Best Short Film at the Rushes Soho Shorts festival. April 2009 it won Best International Short at the Toronto Reelworld Film Festival. Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair for Team Angelica Productions produced by Beadle-Blair, Gordon and Carleen Beadle

Lust: Zoe Simon: Up and coming playwright Zoe Simon has been making waves on the London and Edinburgh Fringe with her gritty narratives and fiery, sawn-off dialogue. Zoe beat off stiff competition to be short listed for Off West End's 2008 'Adopt a Playwright Award for her play Saturday Night (White Bear) a powerful examination of what it really means to be a woman in the 21st century. Her play Scratch about the 7/7 bombings received excellent reviews, and also played at The White Bear where Zoe was attached as a playwright. Zoe’s play Head a tale of alienated the youth played at The Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe, where it was Fringe First nominated. Zoe also works as an artists model and performance artist, her work includes a live installation for The Barbican's Seduced exhibition. Press for Zoe’s writing: Simon reveals herself here as a writer of rare audacity and ambition (Lucy Powell in Time Out on 'Scratch' ***), Simon is showing the promise of being an outstanding theatrical player (The Stage on 'Head'). A writer to watch (The Metro on 'Head)

Wrath: Hannah Burke: A young Irish writer, Hannah began her career writing plays with big casts for small children. She now has a residency with Stage Craft Youth Theatre Eire and tops them up with great new pieces every year. Hannah contributed her outstanding writing to Mothers of Modern Ireland a documentary filmed last year and due for circulation in 2011. A new and energetic play of hers The Bay had it’s Edinburgh d├ębut at the Te Pooka venue 2009 after a triumphant run it transferred to the prestigious Theatre 503, London. Other recent projects include; Mum, Me (Tristan Bates Theatre) Dir: Ariella Eshed. SKOLKA London, Ireland, Belgium & Edinburgh Fringe.

Greed : Serenah Cole:Serenah Cole has been working as a performance poet, writer, compare and events organizer since 2003. She has been commissioned to write and perform for The National Space Centre, Leicester City Carnival, BBC Radio, for the Arts Councils Roots Project. She won Farrago East End Slam, was nominated for Farrago Zoo Best Performer Award and performed at Glastonbury Music Festival. She founded NOIZinZION performance poetry and music events funded by the Arts Council. NOIZinZION showcased some of the UK’s finest performance poets including Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, Zena Edwards, Crisis and Courttia Newland. More recently she has written two new plays “And It Hurts Like Brand New Shoes” and “A Good Wife”. After recently completing The Royal Court’s Critical Mass writers group course she has been invited onto their prestigious Invitation Group. She produced ‘A Letter to England’ a Double Bill of new British political plays at The Finborough Theatre, London; Showcasing ‘The Blessing Way’ by Nirjay Mahindru and ‘The Insurgents’ by Anders Lustgarten.

We can only offer 10 places, so if you fancy coming to the reading, please email us!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Beyond Control

So I haven't been on the old blog page for a while. Golden Delilah has been busy with the new production Beyond Control. It has been a bit of a whirlwind since then. We are working with seven writers that are of high calibre and obviously we are devoting all our love attention to these writers because they certainly deserve it!


Joel Horwood

Zoe Simon

John Gordon

Hannah Burke

Graham Dickson

Serenah Cole

Gbolahan Obisesan.

we will be back tomorrow with more details about the plays and the writers! ( computer is being weird so can upload these details ! frustrating). Just wanted to keep it short and sweet today!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

So another year another day but a new decade!

Excitement is here, I mean you can literally start all over again, what ever hapened in the last 10 years, learn from it and now move on. Create a new opportunity for yourself and embrace the new.What better way to start your year by keeping your mind open and looking forward to Golden Delilah's Spring Season: 7:1 Beyond Control.

7 Deadly Sins

7 prestigious writers,

7 ten minute plays

7 plays focusing on what makes our soceity laugh, cry and love.

7 sins to one person, it beyond control.

7:1 Beyond Control

COMING SOON!....................

continue to be nosey, flow us, stalk us.............

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GOLDENdelilah celebrating new writing dedicated to female roles, through work that reflects the real nature of the society we live in and offers real artistic opportunities to new writers.

17% of playwrights are women; 38% of stage roles are for women; 35% of TV roles are for women; of the top 250 films last year only 9% were directed by women.

Golden Delilah