Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Aftermath

Golden Delilah and Fragments Theatre explored the aftermath of the recent London riots from Black women from the communities perspective on Sat 20 August, Dalston, Hackney.

 It was extremely inspirational and refreshing to hear London views, on recent events that have occured. 

So what was the reason for Golden Delilah and Fragments theatre taking to the streets of Dalston?

As always, Golden Delilah explores different opinions and truths about social political events. Being a theatre company, which focuses on issues that affect women, we are researching black women's opinions on the riots.

The media has chosen to display footage which clearly leads to the assumption that majority of those involved, were of Black African and Black Caribbean heritage. An unfortunate fact or creative manipulation?

Golden Delilah and Fragments Theatre are currently producing a production which will hopefully shed some light on the above through the opinions of black women, women who play a strong role in shaping the black youths of today but have very little power politically! 
Keep an eye on this blog, as more news to follow.

A Golden Delilah and Fragments collaboration.

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