Monday, 13 December 2010


So, Christmas is round the corner and it's cold and your worrying about Christmas presents etc. you need a light relief! How about you take a look at Time Out, only to realize that Anansi: An African Fairy Tale is critics choice.

The Telegraph: Anansi’s warmth and energy immediately make you forget the freezing night air, and there’s not a jingle bell in sight – really quite refreshing.

**** 4 Star rating

Full review:

The Stage: An all-round engaging cast is led by Anniwaa Buachie as Anansi, a spider whose resourcefulness extends far beyond web-weaving.

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The fun doesn't stop there:

NO DOGS by Hannah Burke and directed by Shane Dempsey, is leaving audiences wanting more at the White Bear:

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So don't say we didn't try to include you on the fun!


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Spoilt for Choices!

Golden Delilah
Just living life like it's Golden!

Greetings from Golden Delilah, we hope you have had a lot fun in October and you are now getting into the groove of Winter months. Yes that's right the days will get colder, and the London people will become more moody, so what better way than to shake that winter wickedness out of you and warm up with some warm African vibes.

The Golden Delilah team are still working away in the workshop, making sure that our Winter production Mother Told Me, will offer you a refreshing dessert after the Christmas holidays. We will of course keep you update.

Meanwhile we would like to offer you a little treat - Our team of Directors, Writers and Actors are working like mad on other creative projects:

Golden Delilah Artistic Director Anniwaa Buachie, is become a spider woman! Anniwaa is performing in Anansi: An African Fairy Tale at the Southwark Playhouse.

This brand new play, based on research into traditional West African and Caribbean folklore, explores the joyous creative power of story-telling. A vividly textured and timely festive offering, it will delight seasoned theatre goers and family audiences alike.

TICKETS: £8/£13/£18 - (Airline style pricing tickets are sold on a first come first served basis.)
DATES: 30th November - 8th January 2011
PRESS NIGHT: Friday 6th December
TIMES: 7.30pm Mon - Sat, 3pm Matinaes - Sat only
VENUE: Southwark Playhouse, Shipwright Yard, London, SE1 2TF

Associate Director Shane Dempsey and Resident Writer Hannah Burke form a fine collaboration for the debut of Hannah Burke's compelling play No Dogs.

1947. London is in ruins. Christine is blind, she runs a brothel. Adelaide is black, she works as a prostitute, and Anne is Irish, she just wants a job.

Following the triumphant success of The Master and Margarita and The Bay, Fragments are tackling the bittersweet realities of post-war London in an
imaginative piece of new writing.

'Bold, beautiful and moving, this talented company create theatre
that awakens the senses and explodes into the space'

Lisa Spirling, Theatre503

That's all folks, see you at a performance.

GD team.

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We are also on Ideas Tap!

GOLDENdelilah celebrating new writing dedicated to female roles, through work that reflects the real nature of the society we live in and offers real artistic opportunities to new writers.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Money's too tight to mention.........

Well, it has certainly been a while since our last blog, with our Artistic Director appearing in Sam Benjamin's anticipated play Black Music Cab she will soon be travelling to New York exploring more career prospects. So time is short and demands are high! Here at the Golden Delilah headquarters we have been laying the foundations for our new winter project Mother Told Me.....

Now the evenings are getting darker, it is getting colder and with the new Tory (sorry the coalition Tory Lib Dem government) times are hard, times are grim and money is too tight to mention! 

The latest social cuts which was delivered by the grim reaper himself Chancellor Osborne has hit some of us quite badly. Let’s assess the situation from an art perspective:

The Arts funding council has had to cut 30% off its budget each year for the next four years. Which as result means that any artist whether they are a musician, dancer, visual artist, photographer, director, composer, producer, actor or writer their trade will be affected in some way. 

In the context of Golden Delilah and what we and so many other new theatre companies have to offer ie. new engaging writing, this means that experimental, new theatre has seriously come under threat. 

Some established theatres may be too scared to take a risk of producing new work by new writers, and as a result eventually they will resort to what they know best;


Or the 'stereotypical theatre'

Plays about young 'urban' kids dealing with knife crime.......because all young people from south west London have a father in jail, an alcoholic mother and just run around killing each other (this is obviously us being sarcastic)


Plays about the middle/upper classes where there is a dysfunctional family, the father is going through a mid life crisis has an affair with his secretary, his wife becomes an alcoholic and his daughter with all the stress suffers from anorexia and his son tries to conceal in sexuality crisis (this is obviously us being sarcastic.)

There is nothing wrong with the given examples however Theatre should move with the times. What about now, the present and the future. What about the new writers and actors that are yet to come?

They can cut the Arts Council but they cannot take our freedom or can they?

Back in the 1980's when Maggie.T was running the show keeping the rich rich and the poor poor and trying her best to help Britain out of a recession. During this time when the wide boys and the city bankers were 'living it large' a wave of creativity burst on to the art scene.

As creative practitioners/ contributors/ supporters we should all look at the current Tory government (sorry Lib Dem and Tory Government) and not feel threatened by them but merely inspired by them. Theatre in its purest form is:

For the people by the people.

Fair enough, the Arts Council has to cut their funding, and okay drama schools continue to churn out actors, who to be honest some of them will never get a paid acting job within the first 3 years out of Drama School. However there is no excuse as to why we can't use our heads, think of new and inventive ways to provide a platform for us as creative’s to express an idea. Money is too tight to mention but if someone takes away your tools does that stop you from thinking, from planning?

So even though we are a company who has no money to play with......we continue striving to bring you the best new writing and new Female Actors. We take our time with each production as we feel that it is our duty to utilize all our resources to provide you with theatre which will make you feel inspired.

To end on a light note, the sensational pop culture new icon Antoine Dodson- first came into our radar after stumbling across his You Tube Clip in which he passionately expresses his desire to punish the man who tried to rape his sister.

 This was a really sad story....however like us here in Britain, Antoine and his family were going through dark times, but he managed to turn this around and look into the future with a positive mind, and now has provided his family with a new refreshing life....out of the projects.

So here is to you Antoine, for making us realize that there is always light at the end of a tunnel!

GD x x

Thursday, 30 September 2010

There's no Biz like Show Biz!

Howdy Delilahers!

We hope you are all fine and Dandy. The GD team are working hard to provide you with another dose of a great night out and brilliant theatre! We hope to bring you another show in November 2010.

In the mean time, our Artistic Director: Anniwaa Buachie is busy working and creating stepping stones to success! With the brains of the team away, planning for our next project has been put on hold. 'No!' we hear you cry........

Well take a deep breath and calm down, don't worry! Planning for the next GD production has been put on hold for just today. Anniwaa is doing what she know best, acting. After all she is an award winning Actress!

 See her strut her stuff at a very high standard on the Lyric Hammersmith stage:

'Black Music Cab'
Sam Benjamin 
Bobby is black and loves the blonde women. John is a white but sees more beauty in African women. Both men take a colourful journey through attraction and music to find love and acceptance but can they overcome the hypocrisy of a 'multi-cultural' Britain?
Black Music Cab
'Take the Stage Evening'
30th September 2010 – ONE DAY ONLY.
Tickets only £2 (bargain)

  call Lyric Box Office on 0871 22 117 29 or 0208 741 6850 
 and ask for tickets to TAKE THE STAGE on SEPT 30th, (evening of new writing that features Black Music Cab as the main act.)
Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King St, W6 0LQ

We hope to see you all there!

Golden Delilah