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The relationship of theatre and TV has always been very turbulent. As it stands now, without one the other could not exist. As the iPod generation, we are evolving, slowly becoming computers trapped in the bodies of humans. Everything is online: Grocery shopping - online, yellow pages – online, banking- online, TV – online, Theatre- online. Yes it is true, that many of the big fishes such as the National Theatre have produce live theatre and used the online medium as way to touch the souls of all boys and girls in the world. A brilliant idea – YES OF COURSE, however the lines seem to be getting fuzzy. We as audience members are immersed in this cyber world, have we now become immune, to real drama, raw drama, drama that you pay a ticket for and watch in a theatre, in the round, in the thrust, end on?

The Golden Delilah Team, have pondered on this dilemma for a while now, and to be honest this issue in some way has also contributed to the fact that we only produce short plays. Why? Well people are so engrossed with a TV/ Online way of entertainment, the attention span is slowly disintegrating .....and it is now becoming a great challenge for theatre makers to engage an audience, plus with no funding to pull out the big guns.....we need to think bright, cheap and spectacular!

We have often used Youtube as a way of advertising shows and tempting a new audience, to be a part of the Golden experience just for one night. However this form of advertisement has only interested a variation of people but on the day of our shows, it was the usual theatre types that turned up. So how can we tap into the IPod generation, shake them out of their online zone. Well if you can’t beat them join them?

The Golden Delilah team is currently conducting research; we are still looking for ideas for our winter production. We would like to create a production which requires online activity as well as theatre activity – So without one the other can not exsist. We need to be stimulated, and as we make theatre for the people, we want to hear from the people!

If you have one word, a phrase, a picture, a video anything that you want to get off your chest, rave about than send it our way! It can be absolutely anything....don’t be shy! Stimulate our Golden Rays!

Send all snippets (word, phrase, pictures, whatever you like) to

Put in the subject heading: Youtube killed the Theatre star.

Inspirations is just around the corner - please see some great notices from our friends:

Golden Delilah’s Associate Director and Fragments Artistic Director: Shane Dempsey, is seeking the best, brightest and boldest actors that 2011 has to offer. Shane, will be hosting an intensive day long workshop for professional actors looking to take a risk and rise to a challenge.

Shane Dempsey: Artistic Director of FRAGMENTS.IE, an International Ensemble of theatre & video artists. Shane's production of The Bay toured extensively in 2009. He is currently preparing to stage a new adaptation by Hannah Burke of Mikhail Bulgakov’s ‘The Master & Margarita’. He has strong Russian connections and was invited to observe rehearsals by Lev Dodine of The Maly Theatre. He has also worked as an assistant director at Soho Theatre and The Tricycle.

and some more notices.....

Custom/Practice Classical Acting Workshop 26th & 27th April 2011

Following the success of the classical acting workshops 2009-10 (described as "an historic achievement" by Jatinder Verma, Artistic Director of Tara Arts), Custom/Practice is pleased to announce details of our forthcoming workshop at English Touring Theatre (London, SE1) in April 2011. Led by Custom/Practice directors Rae McKen and Suba Das, the workshop will allow participants to explore Shakespeare monologues and duologues and classical performance auditioning and rehearsal techniques. Rae and Suba will be joined by guest practitioner, actress Rakie Ayola.

The programme will run 10am to 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 26th & 27th April. A maximum of 15 places will be offered. The fee for the programme is £80.

Actors interested in taking part should apply to Custom/Practice by sending their CV and a short written statement outlining their reasons for wishing to take part in the course to by Monday 19th April. We will email you after this date to let you know if you are successful in your application. 

That’s all folks!

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