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I hope you are enjoying the summer. Here at the Golden Delilah headquarters we would like to draw your attention to a performance by our friends at FRAGMENTS.

The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov has been adapted for FRAGMENTS by Hannah Burke, Hannah is also resident writer of Golden Delilah who's play Erris feature in 7:1 Beyond Control and was a flawless success! So if you fancy experiencing theatre which can only be described as :

'Bold beautiful and moving, this talented company create theatre that awakens the senses and explodes into the space.'

Lisa Spirling, former programming director, Theatre 503

Why not feed your curiosity..............
Moscow turned to madness
By the Devil and his kin.
The master has his novel
And Margaritas sin…

http://vimeo.com/12940986   - This is just a little taste of a great feast: Master & Margarita

Once again FRAGMENTS are defying the rat race and debuting their latest production ‘The Master & Margarita’ behind the
Big Red Door/TePooka on the fringe of the fringe in Edinburgh. Don’t look for us in the magazine look for us in the streets
and follow our supernatural vibes to TePooka, Edinburghs craziest venue from 12-19 August @ 6pm.

The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov is adapted for FRAGMENTS by Hannah Burke, directed by Shane Dempsey, executed by the FRAGMENTS ensemble and researched and developed in Moscow... the Russian practitioners say we're mad... for them this book is akin to our Macbeth but I say in this mental tale a little bit of madness will go a long long way! For more information please get in touch with TePooka and watch our space, Fragments.ie!!!!

So come! Meet the Devil and his entourage, the ill fated lovers and meet us… taste a little bit of Moscow and a little
bit of Madness behind The Big Red Door on the fringe of the Fringe... 12 -19 August 2010 @ 6pm.

 For more details please go to:  fragments.ie

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