Sunday, 18 July 2010


It is that time of year when the whole of the country goes mad, nope I'm not talking about the world cup as that has already passed. I am not talking about Summer- we have already had our summer (1 week worth of Sun.) I am talking about all the endless great festivals. 

Now most of these festivals are music festivals, which are brilliant. But here at the Golden Delilah headquarters we wonder why music festivals have a great following. Latitude is an exception of course at it is a curator of all the arts -Dance, Music, Theatre, Literature and Art. As we are a new company looking to put our Golden Ray on many people and encourage a diverse audience to attend theatre. We are currently researching how theatre can be as entertaining as going to a festival and listening to music.

Our current formula of: 

great writers+ Brilliant Directors+ talented Actors= 20 minutes worth of provocative writing.

Works very well, however we are still failing to encourage people who have never been to the theatre to enjoy a night of our Golden Delight ( ha ha that rhymes.)

So we are putting the question out there for all of you to give us your input..........

What can theatre do to become more accessible, entertaining and inviting to a new diverse audience?

Lets us know, you can contact us on the details below or leave a comment.

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