Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

So another year another day but a new decade!

Excitement is here, I mean you can literally start all over again, what ever hapened in the last 10 years, learn from it and now move on. Create a new opportunity for yourself and embrace the new.What better way to start your year by keeping your mind open and looking forward to Golden Delilah's Spring Season: 7:1 Beyond Control.

7 Deadly Sins

7 prestigious writers,

7 ten minute plays

7 plays focusing on what makes our soceity laugh, cry and love.

7 sins to one person, it beyond control.

7:1 Beyond Control

COMING SOON!....................

continue to be nosey, flow us, stalk us.............

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GOLDENdelilah celebrating new writing dedicated to female roles, through work that reflects the real nature of the society we live in and offers real artistic opportunities to new writers.

17% of playwrights are women; 38% of stage roles are for women; 35% of TV roles are for women; of the top 250 films last year only 9% were directed by women.

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