Thursday, 31 December 2009

just an engishman in newyork?

okay so the other day I was watching ' English man in New York.' Quentin Crisp what such a remarkable man. Imagine being a homosexual in the 1930's, walking along London Streets with a face of make up, prey for the British Bull Dog man...........continuely getting beaten up because of what you believe in! ( in the same sense this scenario happens when your a black person walking in parts of the world particularly BNP central the disgusting county called Essex!) anyway having read the Naked Civil Servant about 2 years ago and reading it again within the last few months, it suddenly struck me.

How can you live your life in the fear of upsetting or angering other people? Why would you put that on yourself? If you have any regrets within your life than surely you haven't lived?

In regards to the Theatre world, we are still playing safe to an audience, who has not lived an audience that have many regrets and so therefore would not like to be reminded of these regrets. Hence why we continuely see dead theatre ( peter Brook, the empty space ). As a society we are obsessed with theatre which either focuses on the dreary life of the upper classes or the obvious struggles of the working class. There is not enough substance to the dramas being produced?

I don't know I might be wrong about this........ I mean there are many great writers that are out there like Zoe Simon, Hannah Burke and John Gordon, however because society prefers us to live in fear we are not ready to access these writers or are we?


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