Thursday, 18 March 2010

FAME and the English Rose


sorry it has been a while since we have exposed our inner thoughts on blogger.....but fear not, after weeks of organising our new show 7:1 Beyond Control, which will be at Theatre 503 on Monday 14th June, 8pm ( don't you just love the way we kinda of just dropped that in?) we are back!

Todays topic is FAME, yes FAME and the English Rose.


As Mr. Bowie beautifully put it......

Fame, (fame) makes a man take things over
Fame, (fame) lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame, (fame) puts you there where things are hollow
Fame (fame)

So it has come to my attention that nowadays the people that are making it big in the creative industries at the moment are roughly 25 and under. which are making other fellow struggling young people feel pressurised to make something of themselves by the time they are 25 years and if they haven't there this sense of failure. All because you see the hook up brats such as Lilly Allen, Jamie Winstone, Peaches Geldof etc in the newspapers prizing themselves on already being very successful in whatever career they are doing. But wait, how did they get there? Was it not their Mummies And Daddies that have laid the ground of easy living and success for them? I mean to a certain extent the creative industries have become lazy and actually avoid searching for those who have talent. The same thing is churned all the time just with a different face. People are desperate to be famous but not necessarily for the right reasons.

In terms of acting, many young wannabe actors eagerly apply to drama school, with this ridiculous idea that if they go to Drama School it is a guarantee that they will be famous?! The drama schools obviously aware of this belief lure them in with this idea but are just looking for the big fat cheque which comes with each student. 

Ok lets be realistic here, most drama schools prize themselves on talent first and foremost and it is brilliant that drama schools have been recognised to a degree standard. However lets be honest, we are a capitalist makes the world go round!

I think it is great that there are more young people who have clear idea of what they want to do with their lives but being an Artist is a long and hard slog. So do it for the love and the passion rather than the fame, because the fact is some of us will never be on the front of a magazine......most of us will give an Oscar winning performance at least once in our lives but not everyone will see this!

Don't let fame take you over, don't focus on other people, focus on yourself and keep on going. No regrets you wanna die knowing you did the best you can!

Okay enough of the self help lets move on........


Firstly what is an English Rose?

Lets focus here now.....  the Acting industry. Ok so can some one explain this... every year a new English Rose is introduced into the industry but yet is not tremendously different from the English Rose before them. What are we back in the 1950's? NO. The English rose, as we use to know it is no more.......she can be anything.........she doesn't have to be a carbon copy of Keira Knightly, Emma Watson, Kate Winslet or Gemma Arteton. What about Naomi Harris or Samantha Morton these actress are a perfect representation of the new English Rose. 

The days of the posh totty are over, we are now accepting the fact that yes, some of us have parents that are from different countries and yes they came to England and yes we were born in England, so does that not make the dark skinned girl as English as the pale girl? Therefore are we not all a young English Rose or are those of us who are not white still classified as the 'urban'/'exotic' rose? 

I will leave that one with you!


Golden Delilah

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